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The creation of the Tie and Dye Workshop

La création de l'Atelier Tie and Dye

The birth of the Tie & Dye workshop 

The Tie & Dye workshop was born from the idea of offering you a unique and personal experience. 
I have at heart to offer you much more than clothes. A universe and now a new concept: The Tie & Dye workshop. You will be able through your workshop to create the t-shirt that suits you. Choose the size of your t-shirt then the embroidery and/or the Tie & Dye that appeals to you. 
Each workshop t-shirt will be unique and personal to offer you the best of La Treille.


Tee-shirt Tie and dye



You are not unaware that La Treille makes its dyes by hand in your sunny house. Each dye is thus unique, I will explain why and how I make them.




 A long process allowed me to choose the most suitable dyes for La Treille. Multiple tests in your sunny house now allow me to offer you a universe of warm and sunny colors.  


After numerous tests, the Tie and dye workshop is now open one week per month. You can get an alert when it opens by registering via our form: HERE


Do you have any doubts about the maintenance of your Tie and dye? I've prepared a little memo to help you: interview guide .


Come and create your universe: HERE


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