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La Treille X HonestMind

La Treille X HonestMind

Discover the collaboration between La Treille and HonestMind the eshop dedicated to ethical creators by EnjoyPhoenix.  

The tie-dye cotton t-shirt from the La Treille X HonestMind collaboration. In shades of brown with the message "summer love" hand-embroidered at La Treille. This t-shirt with this message brings back memories of summer. On the model, it is worn with the skirt and bucket hat from the La Treille Maison Ensoleillée summer collection. Find the collaboration's cotton t-shirt on the EnjoyPhoenix e-shop.

Marie Lopez from the EnjoyPhoenix chain had the initiative to create an eshop whose goal is to promote slow fashion designers like La Treille Maison Ensoleillée. This website is a real showcase of responsible and sustainable products, created with respect for the planet and people. When she offered us a collaboration, it was obvious that we would be on board, we share the same values ​​of sustainability and responsibility towards the creation of more qualitative and respectful products.

For this collaboration, we have revisited La Treille's cotton t-shirt and sweatshirt together, sold exclusively on the HonestMind eshop.

Discover the cotton sweatshirt from the collaboration between La Treille Maison Ensoleillée and HonestMind. The message "Nuits d'été" is embroidered there, to recall the summer season and the South which is the region of origin of La Treille. Find the cotton sweatshirt of this collaboration on the rise of EnjoyPhoenix.

You can discover the tie-dye T-shirt in brown tones with the sweet message "Summer Love" embroidered at La Treille in reference to the brand's southern origins, summer inspirations, warm colors. This piece is also meant to remind everyone of a sweet holiday memory. By talking with Marie Lopez, the themes of memories, summer, sun and happiness were immediately obvious in what we wanted to convey with this t-shirt.

For the brand's iconic sweatshirt , we decided to stay on the theme of summer memories by choosing to embroider "Summer Nights" to, once again, remind us of the heat, the holidays and "this desire to stay in summer all the year" as the girl from the south so aptly puts it. These two models are created in France and made in a workshop specializing in knitwear in Portugal to obtain quality products.

As with all La Treille creations, each garment is unique. The embroideries and dyes are handcrafted in La Treille in our house in the South of France. These pieces are inspired by vintage and more particularly by the 1970s and they prove that it is possible to wear eco-responsible and timeless clothing.

Find the interview of Marine Dabancourt, the creator of La Treille with HonestMind where she discusses the subjects of the creation of her brand, her beginnings, eco-responsible fashion, made in France. Find the cotton t-shirt and sweatshirt from the collaboration on the HonestMind boom from EnjoyPhoenix.

For the occasion, you can find our exclusive interview on Instagram. You will learn more about the creation of these pieces, the universe of the brand and you can even discover an anecdote about the beginnings of the brand here.

What is HonestMind? Marie Lopez, aka Enjoyphoenix, took the initiative to create an eshop which wants to be a real platform dedicated to ethical creators after the observation that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Thanks to its notoriety, EnjoyPhoenix has decided to show its audience solutions for consuming more sustainable fashion. She therefore chooses slowfashion players to create unique, sustainable, accessible and responsible collaborations. Thanks to this initiative, it raises consumer awareness of the problems caused by the fastfashion sector and highlights responsible designers and craftsmen.

We thank Marie Lopez for this commitment because it allows a wider audience to discover ethical fashion and our brand. We have been able to create two pieces that perfectly combine our two worlds and we hope you will like them. If you want to find them, go without further delay to the HonestMind website.

Our priority is to create quality clothing while respecting the environment and people, for this our sweatshirts and t-shirts have OEKO-TEX, OCS, GRS and SEDEX/SMETA certificates.

  • OEKO-TEX certifies in particular that our products are harmless to health.
  • OCS (Organic Content Standard) allows us to display the mention "organic textile" and makes it easier to trace our organic textiles throughout the world and throughout the production chain.
  • The international standard GRS (Global Recycle Standard) makes it possible to verify the recycled content of products and the social, environmental and chemical practices used in production.
  • SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certifies by evaluating our suppliers that working conditions are respected throughout the supply chain in terms of worker health and safety.

These four certificates support our commitments as a responsible and ethical brand. We ensure that all workers involved in the creation of our clothing and accessories work in good conditions. We make sure to respect the environment by using organic and recycled textiles as much as possible and we pay attention to your health by using products and materials that are harmless to your health. These commitments are essential for us and allow us to be an eco-responsible and sustainable fashion brand.


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