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✨Christmas with La Treille✨

Le Noël de La Treille

🎄Christmas preparations🎄:

What decoration to put in place, what meal to prepare but above all: what gifts to buy?

 Christmas is a time of year that I particularly like. It's a period of magic where I can find a certain child's soul. Preparing for the end of the year celebrations warms my soul through Christmas music, hot chocolates and the mad race for gifts.

noel la treille maison ensoleillée

I offer you some advice to welcome the end of year celebrations at best: 

  • Be grateful to yourself because you have weathered a pandemic as best you can.
  • Think back to your best times of the year.
  • Think of your loved ones.
  • Take the time to breathe and make you happy because it is also your moment.
  • To anticipate. Preparing is not letting yourself be caught up in the stress of setbacks, the anxiety of the "blank page" and the crowds in the stores.
Christmas gifts are a way to please and show our gratitude to our loved ones.

 Looking for the perfect gift? La Treille has concocted a gift list for an unforgettable and responsible Christmas. ✨


  • Girl's Sweatshirt : 100% cotton. You have the choice between several embroideries.
  • PerfumeMade in Marseille. A sunny attention at the foot of your tree.
  • Coat : 100% wool 100% satisfaction when opening the gift.
  • Shirt : seventies look, a safe bet for all looks.
  • Pants : 100% cotton. Discover our chic and vintage pants.


Le Noël de la treille

🍊 The ultra easy DIY that will make a splash 🍊!

Dried oranges for Christmas decoration:

This year, they will be hung on the tree and will be used as decoration for my Christmas table.

You will need: 4 oranges 

  1. cut thin slices (about 0.5cm)
  2. place them on a grid covered with parchment paper in the oven at 90° for 4 hours
  3. Turn them halfway through cooking. If they are not completely dried, leave them for another hour.
  4. Once out of the oven, let your imagination run wild!
The smell in your house will put you in the Christmas mood for sure!

    And you, what do you enjoy the most as the end of the year celebrations approach?

     Tell us in the comments!!


    PS : remember to order your sunny Christmas gifts before December 16 to be sure to receive them on time 🌞 I promise the little elves will do their best until the last minute 


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