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Made in Provence 🌾

Unique know-how Made in Provence

We put all our know-how in the realization of the collections in order to offer you unique pieces. 
We are committed to providing sustainable and ethical fashion to dress women and girls responsibly. 

The design and production method is also important since I choose the materials for their qualities and their "origins." »Selected subjects sublimate the rooms. La Treille is raw and natural materials always with a touch of warm color that reminds us of the Earth and the Sun of the South of France. “My native land, which is so dear to my heart. "

I carry out the embroidery and the dyes of the Treille in our house in the South, in order to make each garment unique.

The design of sunny water is also an ethical and local approach since it is made in Marseille.

La Treille is a desire to get out of fast-fashion by offering only quality and durable products. In a resolutely retro and bohemian style, we invite you to brighten up your wardrobe for more responsible and transparent fashion.

 Please feel free to follow our " South Gazette »Which reveals our values and our experience.


Marine, the sunny girl