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Discover my portrait made by Claire de SLOWHER

Découvrez mon portrait réalisé par Claire de SLOWHER
Claire is one of these women, these beautiful encounters filled with benevolence that pushes us to move forward. I really fell in love with this beautiful person.
We talked for a long time, discussed and got to know each other. 
We share the same values and the same vision. 
SLOW HER, his blog, is a tribute to those who make it beautiful. as she likes to describe it. It is full of nuggets, people with crazy talent that she sublimates through her articles. So I let you imagine the pride and gratitude I feel today, participating in his adventure. 
 Thanks to Claire for taking the time to write about La Treille.
"Meeting with Marine from "La Treille, Sunny House", a free and inspired wolf."
I let you discover this portrait
link directly to the photo: 



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