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la treille maison ensoleillée Made in France

Manufacture in France 

Today, I am telling you about my best decision and my greatest pride for this collection, that of producing the maximum in France.

By looking for workshops close to us, to you.

Learn to work again after years as a stylist for big brands. 

Work by choosing materials that inspire me and by moving to nearby workshops. Talk, find solutions and learn from these important people.

I made the choice and because it is important to me to be transparent, to always talk to you about the origin and manufacture of each piece.

Thanks to the sunny Treille house, I want to be able to showcase French know-how, to honor all these people who are beautiful. Today, it is essential for me to make this country work, this country that I love so much, and which for years has been forgotten by textiles. So having it made in France also means making a friend, a neighbor, a sister work and allowing this living heritage to last over time.

It is also about producing ethically and reasonably. Avoid overproduction and promote sustainable fashion.


la treille maison ensoleillée Made in France


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