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Mother's Day with La Treille 🧡

Notre sélection fête des mères 2022. Pour l'occasion nous avons créés un ensemble mamma et fille du soleil. Tee-shirt réalisé en coton biologique recyclé et broderies réalisées à Marseille.

Next May 29 is Mother's Day, the opportunity to spoil yourself with original gifts!
A gift yes but ethical is even better. Why not take advantage of this Mother's Day to discover a pretty brand of eco-responsible and Made in France clothing and accessories?

The mamma of the sun and daughter of the sun set

The natural organic cotton T-shirt embroidered in Marseille and iconic by La Treille comes out for Mother's Day in a new edition. For the occasion, we have created a set with a t-shirt for the mother with the writing "mamma du soleil" and a t-shirt for the daughter "daughter of the sun". You can now find our Mother's Day set on our website and take the opportunity to take your most beautiful mother / daughter photos with it.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, we have created a set with a t-shirt for you and one for your daughter because what could be better than being able to enjoy the gift together? You can take pretty pictures together with your matching t-shirts. By the way, if you take a picture with your t-shirts on and post it on Instagram mentioning us, you'll get 10% off sitewide!
These t-shirts are made of recycled organic cotton to give you great comfort while respecting the planet. They are produced in Portugal in a small workshop and embroidered with a lot of love in our Marseille house.

The Susanna Jumpsuit

For Mother's Day, give the Susanna jumpsuit to your mom. The jumpsuit that is part of the new summer 2022 collection is perfect for summer days and evenings. In linen and viscose it is very pleasant to wear. It is made in France in a small workshop in Marseille. This combination made in France is made in an eco-responsible way with respect for the planet and humans.

The great novelty in our Le Sud collection is the arrival of our very bohemian style jumpsuits . The Susanna jumpsuit can be worn with or without a belt and with sneakers or heels, whatever your style, you can wear it endlessly.
Created and made in France in beige viscose linen, this jumpsuit is so pleasant that you won't want to take it off!

Seventies belts

Seventies belts are new from La Treille Maison Ensoleillée. They are made by two French craftsmen with unique know-how. The buckle is in tortoiseshell Cellulose acetate and the strap is in Barenia calfskin. The leather used comes from scraps of leather used in a major French fashion house, which makes it possible to offer quality leather without overproducing. There is a dark brown Mocha belt and another light brown Tobacco. These two accessories give a very vintage and bohemian touch to all your outfits. They are made in France in an ethical way

Essential accessory to dress up all your outfits and give that vintage and bohemian touch that we love so much at La Treille. The Seventies belt is available in two shades: Moka , a dark brown and Tabac , a light brown. Our belts are real jewels that accessorize your outfits to perfection.
With these creations, we want to highlight the French know-how, indeed it is two exceptional craftsmen who manufacture these belts. Eugenio makes the tortoiseshell cellulose acetate buckle that makes the belt so original and unique. Michel takes care of the leather part, he uses Barénia calfskin for our Seventies belts. To offer a noble material of exceptional quality while recycling, he uses leather scraps from a major haute couture house.

Contact us if you want a belt size different from those offered on our site.

Bob Johnny

The perfect Johny bucket hat for summer days to protect yourself from the heat. It is in ecru denim, it will dress up all your outfits. It can be worn as a total look with our Denim Lovers selection but also with a dress or jumpsuit, for example, to break up the look. This bucket hat is a summer 2022 essential that will protect you from the sun in style.

Another new addition to this summer 2022 collection, the ecru denim bucket hat , an essential to protect yourself from the summer sun by giving your outfits a vintage look.
This bucket hat is made in France in our small workshop in Marseille using recycled cotton. It's an easy accessory to wear with any outfit. Wear it in total denim look with our denim skirt and jacket or with our Paola dress to break up the look.

The Kimono

Our Kimono jacket makes you want to go on vacation. This jacket, like the Susanna jumpsuit, is made of linen and viscose which gives it that pleasant touch. This beige kimono will go with all your outfits. We wear it on the beach over your swimsuit, for a walk in town over your outfit or even as a dress by belting it with our seventies belts for example. This ecru kimono is produced in France in a small sewing workshop in Marseille. At La Treille Maison Ensoleillée, we offer bohemian, vintage style creations while respecting the environment and the humans working to make clothes and accessories.

Our kimono makes you want to go on vacation, we can't wait to wear it on the beach over a swimsuit, or over one of our jumpsuits. At La Treille we love to wear it belted like a dress. It's a summer must-have that will add a plus to all your outfits.
This kimono is made in France and linen and viscose like our Susanna jumpsuit, it is very pleasant to wear.

Embroidered sweatshirts

A must-have from La Treille Maison Ensoleillée, the recycled organic cotton sweatshirt is very comfortable. With its natural color it goes with all your outfits, we can see it on the photo worn with our beige denim skirt and our clay silk scarf. We embroider our sweatshirts in Marseille to write sweet little words that could be perfect for Mother's Day. In this photo the sweatshirt is embroidered "southern girl". Our brand of ethical clothing and accessories makes sure to offer creations that respect the environment and people

What could be better than taking advantage of the occasion of Mother's Day to order our iconic sweatshirt in natural organic cotton embroidered with sunny messages in our Marseille house. You can treat yourself to a sweatshirt with the messages " crazy love ", " free love ", " girl from the south " and many others that you can discover directly on our eshop .

The gift card

The sunny house treille gift card is available on our website. You can choose the amount of the gift card between 30€ and 200€. It is valid for 1 year from the date of dispatch and can be used in several times. A good way to make an ethical gift.

And if you want to make a gift but you hesitate between several creations, you can offer the gift card valid for 1 year on our entire site.


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