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Make Green Friday Again

DIY pompon de noel tissus recyclé

And if we discuss Black Friday?

First of all what is it? Black Friday appeared in the 1960s in the United States, this term referred to the fact that there were a lot of people in the street on Thanksgiving Friday, it was "black with people".

People used to take a day off to do their Christmas shopping. It has therefore become the day of sales.

Therefore this term today is rather pejorative because it is defined as a commercial day that is harmful to the environment.

Indeed the population is called upon to consume because there are strong reductions, which pushes consumers to make the purchase. In addition, we notice that there is a strong tendency to buy unnecessary products.

This craze leads to overconsumption which results in overproduction.

There are more than 39,000 tons of waste stored following the overproduction of clothing.

La Treille maison soleil has joined the collective “Made Green Friday Again”, in order to encourage together, an alternative to Black Friday.

Only 13% of French people oppose Black Friday. With this group, we want to make consumers aware of their impulse to buy by highlighting the notion of need.

We offer tips on how to resist these reductions.

You must first think about the essential things you need, and what you already have!

You can find alternatives with second-hand products.

So you can resell certain parts, recycle and transform what you no longer use.

This approach encourages you to behave responsibly for the environment.

Take this day to sort through what is in your closet, do you really need certain parts or objects? : “60% of French people have clothes or consumer items that they never use”. 

All you have to do is repair, transform, donate to participate in a circular economy. 

We will never tell you enough but consuming less is consuming better! 

We explain: if you have clothes that you have never worn or even that you no longer want to wear, you can sell them, which will promote the second-hand process. Afterwards you will be able to buy with what you have collected, more durable parts, of better quality and to stay in this momentum of eco-responsibility, a part Made in France! 

As you will have understood, having a committed and eco-responsible behavior also means turning to brands that have a consumption oriented towards respect for what surrounds us. 

La Treille sunny house has prepared a fun tutorial for you, to recycle your old fabrics.

To discover our DIY, it's here:



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