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Why get a 100% wool coat?

Pourquoi se procurer un manteau en 100% laine ?

First of all, wool is an ancestral natural animal material, woven to make a textile. Most often it is used to design a sweater or a jacket.

Currently wool is increasingly replaced by synthetic materials, preferred by manufacturers for their low costs. Wool is a natural animal fiber used for medium and high-end clothing. 

The wool fiber is recovered during the fleece of the sheep, it can also come from goat hair, rabbits or alpacas. 

There is a whole manufacturing process that goes from shearing to making the final garment. 

Organic wool is collected without animal abuse. The wool is then washed, rinsed and dried. This one can be either carded or combed, this stage makes it possible to obtain a wool of quality. The wool is then spun and balled. It can be dyed at any time in the manufacturing process. 

Wool fibers are known to have many qualities: wool is resistant, it is elastic, flexible and very light. The wool has a slightly waxy layer which makes it stain resistant. 

Also known for having natural thermal regulation: wool protects against cold and heat by letting the skin breathe naturally. It is 100% biodegradable and renewable! 

La Treille sunny house offers you a 100% wool coat, which as you have read previously, is made of a durable and quality material. 

The Claudia coat is a long, oversized coat with a sublime rounded cutout in the back. The Treille signature.

The wool belt will allow you to close it. We love wearing it with the sleeves rolled up for a killer look. The Claudia coat is one size fits all. 

What are you waiting for to order? The Claudia coat will warm your heart while bringing an inimitable style to your outfits. 

Discover 4 looks with our Claudia coat


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