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Two years of sunny adventures

Deux ans d'aventures ensoleillées

Two years ago, La Treille was born, a somewhat crazy project following my maternity leave. The urge to create something with my own hands, to see how far I could go and what I was capable of. This September 21, 2019, A symbolic date for me, that of the last day of summer, signified the beginning of a new life. I was leaving 10 years of styling, I still didn't know if I would stay in fashion or if I was going to move into another field. With the means I had, I started by offering you the embroidery hoops that I made entirely by hand.   


And then Christmas time came, I added the mini drums to hang on the Christmas tree


 I wanted to get away from fashion but it caught up with me quickly. I couldn't run away from this passion I had for designing clothes forever. So I started to create my website, the embroiderer arrives in the workshop along with the first t-shirts, fruits of the loom, a way to start with small stocks.

On March 3, 2020, the site went live for the first time with a single t-shirt, the iconic "crazy love" in a woman's and girl's version. Then the collection grew, new embroideries were created including the famous "southern girl". 

Fall 2020 is a new turning point for the brand. I design and have my t-shirts made, with the cut and material I have chosen in Portugal. We can finally say that the Treille manufactures its models from A to Z. A new model arrives at the same time, the sweatshirt with its batwing sleeves, a cut that will become emblematic for the Treille. Your welcome is crazy. You are there, you support me and push me to go further. 

I decide to continue by creating a collection made in France, the choice of materials makes me dream. I am in the middle of my job. I can give free rein to my imagination. 

In Spring 2021, the collection is expanding with the arrival of our first dresses, shirts and shorts. In a subject that I love Ramie. Each piece is hand dyed. The colors are inspired by the Earth and the Sun.


This new season is marked by the arrival of Silk Bandanas, made in Lyon in a traditional silk, it represents French know-how par excellence. Always hand-dyed afterwards, the hallmark of the house. I am committed to pushing my creations to the maximum, until I offer them to you. They are unique, and precious like a piece of jewelry that you never want to leave.




And then here we are 2 years later with the very imminent arrival of the winter collection. A new evolution for the Treille that I can't wait to present to you.


Thank you for being there, for supporting me from the start. La Treille is growing and it's thanks to you!


With love

Marine, the daughter of the South


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