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La Treille: an air of Provence 🌾

La Treille : un air de Provence 🌾

Provincial village east of Marseille you can find an air of Provence, a place far from the bustle of the city center which has kept its authentic character. The "La Treille" district which has kept its village name bears the influence of Marcel Pagnol.

Marcel Pagnol and his family lived there not far in the hills as well as now a hike in his name allows to visit the district of Treille and its surroundings.

His attachment to the Treille is revealed in the first scenes of his films like "the Cigalon".

The trellis has changed little since Pagnol's time, but it is not a neighborhood without activity either, since you will find our sunny house there. 

In the air of an old village, our sunny house has taken place. La Treille sunny house is inspired by the authentic charm of this district for its collections.

I, "daughter of the south" born in Marseille, I grew up not far from La Treille. Coming from a Marseille family, the southern breeze is inked in me. Fashion lover since always, 10 years of styling precede me. The sunny Treille house is an eye-opener for me. I can finally express myself fully, work with noble materials, and make my collections by surrounding myself with the best workshops. 

The colors of the earth and the sun recall the authenticity of La Treille, from the South. These warm, natural and mineral colors are timeless and thus give materials all their unique cachet.


Thanks for reading, see you next time

The girl from the south

La treille made in Provence


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